10 things I wish I had known before I began growing cannabis

How many cannabis growers have you spoken to who will admit that they only discovered some extremely useful facts once they had already started growing cannabis?

In truth, it is not really anyone’s fault. Often it is just a case that we all have a habit of making assumptions about things we don’t really know enough about.

As an example, contrary to what you may have assumed, growing cannabis outdoors isn’t difficult. The only reason most people don’t is because they don’t want to get caught growing cannabis!

If you choose the right plant, growing outdoors can actually end up being a lot cheaper.

Next, keep a grow diary.

Record everything you do for two reasons.

If it all goes well, then you have something really useful to refer back to for your next grow, and if something goes wrong, you have a list of what you have done, which will help identify any mistakes you have made.

Don’t assume that because you managed to successfully grow some cannabis the first time you try, you’ve got it all sussed. Lady luck can be your best friend at times, but she won’t always be there to protect you.

Be prepared to always listen and learn from others.

If you buy some cannabis and find a ‘bonus’ seed in the pack, don’t assume you can grow a plant from it that will give you a free harvest.

Chances are the seed will be a ‘hermie’, a hermaphrodite with male and female parts, and you’ll end up with a small yield.

Always buy your seeds from a reputable supplier.

Check your pH levels every day. If the pH level of the soil is wrong your plant or plants won’t feed, and we know what will happen when that occurs…

Read up about vapour pressure deficit or VPD.

VPD involves getting the perfect balance between humidity and temperature and is key to the best results.

Morning is the best time to feed your plants.

They prefer to take in oxygen through their roots at night-time, and soggy fertilised soil will stop that from happening.

Next, be attentive.

Cannabis plants aren’t the same as houseplants – they can’t be left to their own devices for days at a time.

Cannabis plants can be remarkably sensitive and you can kill them within 48 hours if you don’t act smart.

Think about investing in a drip feeder. This means that the plant gets a regular supply of food without drenching the soil, but it also takes pressure off you to always be there to feed it, or them.

Finally, use microbes.

They will help break down the soil and enable your plant to take up more nutrients, not just the ones supplied in fertiliser.

Microbes tend to result in juicier buds and healthier plants all round.

Of course that’s just ten things – there are bound to be other things you wished you had known, but this vid will at least have ticked a lot of them off your list!

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