Cannabis sativa has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years both as a narcotic and also for making hemp fabrics. Brand new genetic and archaeological evidence places the original domestication event in China, but indicates that the plant was mainly spread by Indo-European peoples such as the Yamnaya and the Scythians. Cannabis was used in the funerary and religious rites in many pagan religions as well as in ancient Jewish rites in Israel.

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Waking of sky tree
“A Forest of Shadows Art & Illustration”
Tocharians and Tarim mummies art by Andrew Whyte
Andronovo chariot and Yamnaya art by Christian Sloan Hall

Bark sound productions – Vlv
Brain dead collective -Thumb Piano Shuffle
Ormgard – Sjálfsforn
Doug Maxwell – Arabian Nightfall
” – Bansure_Raga
” – Lau_Tzu_Ehru
” – Oud_Dance
Borg – The Choosing Ceremony
Kevin Macleod – Dhaka
Deor – Tarim mummies
Mauerbrecher – Hunnic Horde
E’s Jammy Jams – Thunder Chant

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See this blog post for a full list of sources I used:

CCTV documentary on Jushi and Tarim mummies

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Origin of cannabis
04:33 Early evidence at Jirzankal
06:28 Yanghai shaman
09:26 Scythians
14:55 Iran and BMAC
18:02 India
20:17 China
24:04 Assyrians and Jews
28:25 Early Indo-Europeans
34:26 Celts and Vikings
37:04 End

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