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With the advancement of technology, it has been proven that hemp can be used to make several things. Not just anything but better things. Like better clothing, better components of our gadgets, and even better foods. And now research has proven that from hemp you can extract graphene and diamonds in the form of nanosheets, which are used to make supercapacitors, and it is being said that these are stronger and better than those made from regular graphene, which is already seen as the industry gold standard.

How come? What parts of this plant are used? How did they get here? How does it work? What benefit does it bring to the battery industry?

These questions and many more will be answered in the course of this video.
What are Hemp Batteries?
Before we go into the details of hemp batteries, and the graphene and diamonds made from hemp fibers, let’s quickly look at the process of making hemp batteries.

The hemp plant woody pulp gotten from the hemp fiber is cooked and processed into carbon nano-sheets. These nano-sheets are used to design and develop tiny devices called supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors are used as strong energy storage systems, typical of what a battery would do.

With the current level of development of electronic components, there is a need for the development of better battery or energy storage systems that can store large amounts of energy and release them when needed.

So you may be wondering, how are diamonds and graphene made from hemp fibers?

Well, large amounts of hemp bast are subjected to a certain degree of heat. It causes the release of several compounds in different states of matter. Solid, liquid, and gas.

While the gasses are synthetic gasses, the liquids are heavy oils, and the two can be used for different purposes.

The solid is, however, biochar, a commercial waste product that is quickly gaining recognition as a soil additive for reintroducing carbon back into the soil.


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