Have you heard a lot recently about CBD oil? I go into its possible benefits, and more in this #AskDrBob.

Q & A Below:

Q: Hello, I suffer from AFIB and am on meds, any help that can provided to me?

I would eliminate sugar and stress from your life. (More info in video)

Q: I once heard a presentation from you in regards to females having issues with titanium clip when having gallbladder removed. I’m pretty sure I have one and I have diaphragm issues. Is there anything you can do? I’m taking a titanium tincture. Do you recommend it being removed? I have Lyme, Lead and mercury ++++ Thanks for your help.

I don’t remember saying an “issue.” If you are concerned about heavy metals, you may consider some Chlorella. (More info in video)

Q: Please help me lower my uric acid and cholesterol level in blood. I am 72 years old female retired government employee but as of now I am taking graduate studies every Saturday, THEOLOGY course. I do eat fish and vegetables but that includes those that are with seeds. I seldom eat fruits but every week I ate bananas. I don’t drink soft drinks and packed juices . I ate less sweet food I don’t drink coffee but lately I drink milk good for the bone. Please help me. What shall I do?

You want to assist your liver and kidneys. I would suggest ready my “Drugless Guide to Detoxification.” We use a product with folate to lower uric acid, and also, a plant-based trace mineral (Contact).

Q: Can my thyroid problem impede me from losing weight?

Yes – it controls your metabolish. (View more about our Thyroid Panel)

Q: How to cure vertigo? My husband has had for 3 years.

You will want to have your inner ear checked. Also, check your upper neck with a skilled chiropractor, and consider an Adrenal Stress Index to determine if there is adrenal fatigue.

Q: Hi Dr Bob, I have SIBO. Do you have any advice/diet (gluten free) for me to follow? Kind regards.

I would begin by going gluten-free and dairy free – I would consider completing a FIT Test.

Q: Do you recommend CBD oil or hemp oil? And if so for what because I’m seeing a lot of it now and so unsure.

CBD oil reduces inflammation. However, my priority for you would be to determine what is causing the inflammation in the first place, and to make the necessary changes. You may consider our Omega Oils Serum Profile to determine the oils your body needs.

Q: Hello Dr Bob I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me I have suffered with 3 episodes of diverticulitis two of which I was hospitalized with since October of 2018 and February of 2019. If you have any information that I might be able to be helped with I would really appreciate you to email me back.

I would see what food sensitivity you have (FIT Test) and contact us for the other tests mentioned.

Q: My sister is on 3 or 4 different blood pressure meds for high blood pressure. What natural means can she use to lower it?

We use magnesium to help our practice members – and also eating plenty of green vegetables.

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