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Hemp was an ancient building material. Now it’s legal again – and coming to a home near you.

People have grown hemp for millennia to make products like clothes, rope, fuel, medicine, and paper. But since the 1930s, it’s been prohibitively expensive or illegal to produce hemp in the U.S. and many other nations.

But the legalization of hemp in 2018 has helped to renew interest in the use of hemp in a number of areas, including as a building material. Today, a number of industrial hemp companies, including Hempitecture, are looking to the stuff as an alternative to currently used materials that require carbon spewing petrochemicals to produce.

Hempitecture has created a new form of insulation, called hemp wool, made of processed industrial hemp, a binder, and a fire retardant. It works just as well as synthetic insulation in terms of heat regulation, fire resistance, and preventing the growth of mold. Beyond that, it doesn’t require petrochemicals or other toxic substances to produce and instead works as a carbon sink.

Growing more hemp for use in building materials and manufacturing fewer petrochemical derived synthetic insulators could go a long way to cleaning up the environment.

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