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Is cannabidiol (CBD) useful for someone with schizophrenia?
Could CBD be used as an antipsychotic treatment, or as an alternative to antipsychotic medication?
What is the right dose of CBD?

As a consultant psychiatrist, I get questions like these quite often.
And in this video, I attempt to answer many of the questions I get about CBD for psychosis.

📘 Chapters 📘
0:00 CBD for schizophrenia?
1:05 Lots of interest in CBD as a schizophrenia treatment
2:54 CBD opposes the psychosis- and anxiety-provoking effects of THC
4:29 CBD can increase anandamide levels
5:37 Anandamide levels are related to schizophrenia symptoms
6:31 Anandamide is broken down by the FAAH enzyme
6:58 CBD inhibits the FAAH enzyme
7:36 Case report of CBD reducing psychosis symptoms
9:45 CBD did not affect psychosis symptoms in a 3-person case series
10:56 CBD performed well in a clinical study
12:52 CBD had a very small effect in another clinical study
15:36 No effect of CBD on psychosis, slight worsening of cognition in an additional study
17:09 CBD doses in these studies were unaffordably high
18:34 Summary

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