CBD Massage Tutorial video:
Great for Massage Therapists interested in incorporating CBD as an add-on or full body massage.

This is a quick & easy highlight training on incorporating WELL- CBD products coupled with highly effective techniques into your next massage service.

CBD is a non-psychoactive, natural, way to increase relaxation during your client’s service and extend the muscle benefits of the massage.

Since an add-on for CBD oil takes no additional time for the service and no equipment needed, those dollars go straight to your profit. Earn more on each service while providing an elevated experience for your client.

Benefits of CBD Massage include:
-Pain Relief
-Post workout muscle tension relief
-Stress Relief
-Better nights sleep
-Nourishing your skin

Pro Tip: Apply heat with warm towel or heat wrap to warm up the muscle, promote circulation, and increase the effectiveness of the CBD. – Anasia, consulting massage therapist for Live Love Spa.

Purchase Well CBD Wholesale for your business:

If you’d like to purchase personally for yourself:

CBD oil massage can be found at these prestigious spas:

Pacific Waters Spa – Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA
Laguna Cliffs Spa and Resort – Laguna Beach, CA
The Edgewater Hotel and Spa – Madison, WI
Gene Juarez Salon and Spa – Bellevue, Washington
Sego Lily Spas – Utah
Midtown Athletic Club – Chicago

and many more…

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