#CBD is out right banned on Amazon. #Hemp is really competitive and margins are bad rigth now.

From a My Amazon Guy Listener: I was just wondering if you had any idea about this. I’m formulating a new calming dog treats product but I thought only hemp seed is allowed by Amazon and anything with cbd or “spectrum” gets taken down or doesn’t get approved in the first place. I saw in the past a lot of listings that say “full spectrum” get removed but I just came across this ! “Broad spectrum hemp extract” on the label , ingredients and bullet points ! Is that allowed or it just fell through the cracks or just because they’re zukes Amazon let’s them ? it seems to have been there for a while too and a best seller !

Answer: “You are correct, anything resembling CBD is taken down. If you report a listing that is circumventing the language, it will be 100% taken down.”

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