Envy CBD Review Today I will be reviewing a CBD brand that sells a variety of flavorful CBD products. Just like the title suggests, that brand is called Envy CBD. In this review I will go in depth into what products they sell, which ones I have tried and give some company information. I will …
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Envy CBD Review

Today I will be reviewing a CBD brand that sells a variety of flavorful CBD products. Just like the title suggests, that brand is called Envy CBD. In this review I will go in depth into what products they sell, which ones I have tried and give some company information. I will give my insight as to the effects I have experienced and flavors I have noticed.

First let me give some brief company company information.

Envy CBD Company Information

According to Envy CBD:

“We are based in South El Monte, CA.  Our team originally comes from the vape industry as we are also known as BLVK Unicorn, one of the top 5 e-liquid manufacturers worldwide.  As such, we place a strong emphasis on flavored CBD. While we are out to sell products, that is not our priority – we aim to educate people more so than rack in sales.  For those that are conscientious to purchase our products, some peace of mind is provided as all our products are manufactured in an ISO-certified, GMP-certified, and FSMA-approved facility.  All our hemp is grown in the USA without pesticides or any other additives.”

Envy CBD uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method with chromatography process to filter out the THC without sacrificing too much of the plant matter to extract their CBD, this solves one of the issues with full spectrum CBD, that is, it leaves behind trace amounts of THC.

Also their CBD is third party lab tested, which you can check out here. This is a necessity because it adds a layer of transparency to the CBD manufacturers claims.

So far everything is in order here, let’s now take a look at what CBD products Envy CBD has to offer.

Envy CBD Products

Envy CBD’s products consists of 3 categories:

CBD Tincture/Oil

3 flavors

CBD Topicals

Face cream and Body Lotions

CBD Gummies

Regular and sour

Envy CBD has a good selection of CBD products as noted above. It is essentially the basic types of CBD products you would need.

Now we can get into my in-depth analysis of each product I have tried.

My Envy CBD Review/In-Depth analysis

Below I will note which envy CBD product I have tried and give my take on flavoring, effects and effectiveness.

Envy CBD Gummies

Price: $24.99

Each CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD, There are 20 gummies in each container.


Regular Gummies:

First off, the gummies are gelatinous with an oily consistency on the outside. The taste however is amazing, there are assorted fruit flavors and each one has a very pleasant fruity taste. I did however feel the consistency of the gummies could’ve been a little more chewier, but it’s not a big deal with the great taste the gummies have.

Sour Gummies:

The sour gummies have the same oily consistency, and also come in assorted fruit flavors. The sour ones tasted even more amazing than the regular gummies and leave behind a very mild hemp-like aftertaste. I liked the chewy consistency a little bit better in the sour gummies than the regular ones.


These CBD gummies really shined when it came to sleep. Every time I took one before bed, I would knock out pretty quickly and remain asleep, something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

During the day time, these gummies worked well to ease my anxieties and tension. For the most part, they left me more clear headed throughout the day.

Envy CBD Gummies Analysis
Headache management

Best For:

Anxiety Insomnia

Envy CBD Tincture/Oil (500mg)

Price: $54.99


First I want to note that all of these flavors were amazing, and while they contain stevia, you don’t notice the taste. I’m usually not a big stevia fan and can usually make out the taste when it is in something.

Strawberry Watermelon: 

The strawberry watermelon tastes great and subtle! It tastes just like strawberry watermelon bubble gum, but even better, it leaves you wanting more.

Double Apple:

I think this one is my favorite flavor, it has a nice crisp green apple taste that’s very noticeable.


This flavor is the most subtle of them all. It is a little more on the bitter side, but also tastes great. It tastes like a more subtle version of orange juice.


I noticed the CBD oil worked very similar to the gummies. At least on me it seemed like the gummies were a little bit more potent, but everyone is different. The oil did seem to be a little bit more effective in relieving anxiety.

Just like the gummies, the oil was amazing when it came to sleep issues. I had some really good nights of sleep after ingesting some of the oil before sleeping. The oil definitely seems high quality and very effective.

Envy CBD Oil Tincture Analysis
Headache management

Best For:

Anxiety Insomnia

Envy CBD Conclusion:

From everything noted above, I feel that Envy CBD is a solid company. Their flavoring is amazing and probably the highlight of their products.

The effects of each product were also really noticeable, to me at least, it had a positive effect on my insomnia above other things and worked really well for anxiety too.

I would definitely try Envy CBD again, they have some great products. The sour CBD gummies were my favorite.

Envy CBD gets mine and Honest CBD Man’s seal of approval.

I’ve been avidly using CBD to deal with my anxiety, and have been fortunate to do so successfully. I started this blog to share my experience and knowledge with as many people as possible.

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