In this video I’m doing an AMA with the team from Greenheart CBD.

Greenheart CBD is using crowd-funding to finance Hemp and Cannabis farms using the blockchain.

Greenheart CBD:

Greenheart Twitter:

Greenheart Telegram:

Greenheart Discord:

0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – The technology of Greenheart CBD
2:03 – Data is the biggest asset in the world
3:00 – How to get started
4:41 – Introducing Greenheart CBD
5:40 – What’s an elevator pitch of Greenheart CBD?
7:40 – I love technology actually DOING something and making things better
9:39 – What advantage is there to bringing in the blockchain?
10:52 – CBD farmers are not able to get loans
12:02 – Do you do THC, or just CBD?
12:27 – A community Play to Earn Game
13:20 – Staking
14:33 – NFT Marketplace
16:56 – The data is where things get really interesting
18:21 – Are you working with Drone Industry Systems?
18:45 – Wouldn’t it be cool if Cannabis could be delivered via drone as well?
19:41 – What’s on the roadmap, what’s coming up?
20:44 – Where do you see Greenheart CBD in 1 year?
21:36 – What’s the best way to get involved?
22:56 – Thanks and Goodbye
23:11 – Final thoughts


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