From harvest, to extraction, to final product, hemp processing encompasses the entire process of hemp extraction and is essential to creating a successful extraction business. In this presentation, founder, president and CEO of extraktLAB, Dr. Jon Thompson, will discuss hemp processing in detail starting from the very beginning of harvesting, shucking and bucking hemp biomass, to extraction, to winterization, to solvent removal, all the way to distillation and product formulation. When it comes to proper hemp processing, each step in the extraction process has to be dialed in to create CBD products that are not only of the highest quality, but are also safe for consumers to create a reputable brand. In order to accomplish this, a number of various factors need to be considered- all of which are discussed by Dr. Jon in this presentation. Dr. Jon will also briefly discuss the state-of-the-art extraktLAB equipment available for each of these hemp processing steps including the ShuckNbuck hemp bucking machine, supercritical CO2 extractors, DrainDROYD vacuum filtration apparatus, fracTron falling film evaporator, clearSTILL dual-stage wiped film evaporator, pure99 high performance liquid chromatography system, CO2Cage CO2 supply apparatus, and igwLAB GMP compliance software. A full hemp processing turnkey solution with full training and all this extraktLAB equipment is available to help you get your own extraction business up and running.

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Hemp Processing Equipment [00:00] Extraction Process [00:28] ShucknBuck – Hemp Bucking Machine [1:55] Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines [2:46] Drain Droyd – Vacuum Filtration Apparatus [4:15] fracTron – Falling Film Evaporator [4:58] Clearstill – Dual-Stage Wiped Film Evaporator [6:48] Pure99 – High Performance Liquid Chromatography System [8:08 ] IGWLAB – GMP Compliance Software [8:50] Full Hemp Processing Turnkey Solution [10:29] Ending Words From Dr. Jon [11:39]

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