After years of experience and countless revisions, I’m happy to say the complete masterclass on how to breed cannabis is finally here. This complete guide took over 3 years to make and the clips in it are all from breeding projects I have been working on for the past 2 years.

0:18 The Wonderful World of Breeding Cannabis
1:12 Fundamentals of Cannabis Sex, Anatomy & Pollination in Nature
2:21 Forced Hermaphrodotism using STS or Colloidal Silver & Feminized Seeds

Tutorial on How to Make STS:

3:06 Bad Hermies, Poor Genetics
4:13 Why Clones are the Best to Reverse
5:34 Spraying Schedule
8:17 Harvesting Pollen
9:31 How to Pollinate Cannabis
11:47 Harvesting Seeds

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How to make cannabis and weed seeds is all about timing and understanding the life cycle.

The secret is that you do not need any males to produce seeds and by reversing a female with ethylene inhibitors such as colloidal silver and STS. Without a male, you will produce all female offspring also known as feminized seeds and this breeding process can be used for both photoperiods and autoflowers(autos).

This video will teach you how to produce feminized photoperiods, feminized autoflowers, regular photoperiods, regular autoflowers. It also teaches you how to make selfie seeds which is the closest thing to a clone in seed form. This is done by taking a plant and pollinating itself. All of the visible traits (phenotypes) will be passed on to the next generation unless a hidden heterozygous gene pairs and overrides some genetics.

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