Hemp is finicky. Day to day, your joints’ tightness can change quite a bit, so when it comes to technique, my golden rule: it has to be fast.
Watch as I demonstrate how to wrap hemp on your drone or reed seats for a ‘hemp edit’ – when your pipes are already hemped, but just need a little tune up to get them nice and tight to play again.
The Piper’s Dojo Weekly Show, Dojo Conversations, brings you weekly advice about how to be a better bagpiper. This episode was first livestreamed on Facebook, so like our Facebook page (The Piper’s Dojo, linked below) to tune in live to our weekly streams, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!

The Dojo engages thousands of bagpipers around the globe, by harnessing the power of the internet to help connect those in the world who share a specific passion; enriching one’s life through bagpipes.

This channel is our way of providing as much value as possible to the bagpipe world by sharing knowledge, taking your questions, interviewing pipers at all stages of development, and just generally talking bagpipes with the e-world. We hope you’ll subscribe and join us on our mission to help the world play this great instrument as a true extension of their Selves.

Andrew is also a prolific “real world” teacher and bagpipe performer. You can watch several of his performances and workshops on this channel.

Find Andrew and the Piper’s Dojo Team here:

Dojo University Online Bagpipe School: http://learn.dojouniversity.com
Piper’s Dojo Bagpipe Supply Store: http://pipersdojo.com
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