Is Marijuana Addictive? In this video, you’ll learn the science behind addiction and how marijuana has become a substance that can be abused. Also, learn if CBD is a good alternative to Marijuana to cope with anxiety.

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New studies are coming out that due to the potency of cannabinoids that are being sold in stores now, there are physical and mental withdrawal components to marijuana as we can buy it and sell it today.

With that being said, whenever there is a withdrawal potential, there is going to be some sort of addictive component to it. Because whenever we experience withdrawal symptoms, continuing to use that substance is going to make those withdrawal symptoms go away.

That process leads to the continued use and increased tolerance.

So there absolutely is a withdrawal potential and an addictive component to marijuana that has presented within the last 10 years. A decade ago, there weren’t studies that showed marijuana having high levels of addictive components within that substance.

Now that we’re seeing those high-level THC potencies, we are seeing adolescents and young adults really struggling with high physical and emotional cravings. And we’re seeing those early onset withdrawal symptoms of irritability, loss of appetite, sweats, anxiety, etc.

With those symptoms present, it brings us back to being able to use that substance to cure those symptoms, which leads us into an addictive place.

Why is marijuana more addictive than it used to be?

About 5 to 7 years ago, we were seeing THC potency hovering around 30.33%. Now we’re seeing THC potency, around 99%.

Over the last five to 10 years, we’ve seen marijuana concentrates increase at rapid speeds. We’re also seeing different kinds of ways to administer marijuana including “shatter,” wax edibles, vaping, etc.

These forms are becoming so available to adolescents and young adults, that the way that it’s being distributed and grown, it is increasing that potency to super-high levels, which is what brings on those addictive components and those withdrawal symptoms.

For young adults using marijuana to cope with anxiety and stress, is CBD a safe alternative to marijuana?
When it comes to CBD, the studies are very new. So there are studies that are coming out saying that CBD is a safer alternative to marijuana and that it can be a therapeutic intervention.

However, my recommendation is, I would never encourage parents to substitute any sort of substance without the support and supervision of a medical professional.

In the same way, I wouldn’t administer antibiotics that I found or purchased from someone to my loved one, I wouldn’t make a decision like that just because I felt like it was a safer alternative. It’s important to always consult with a medical professional when considering mood-altering substances.

Early research does show that there is a potential therapeutic intervention for the use of true CBD. The research is still new. My hope is that as we continue to see these studies come out and we continue to look into the research that’s being done, we can have concrete answers.

With the research being as new as it is, many people recommend waiting until there’s more concrete evidence before backing a substance like CBD.


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