John from visits TD for the 6th and final update for the growing season. In this episode, you will learn how TD grew 10 pounds of cannabis flower on one plant! You will also see his cannabis plant roots that more resemble tree roots than cannabis roots you normally see. You will learn some of his drying and curing techniques
In this episode, you get the final update and see how much flower TD’s plants made and how big his roots grew
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In this episode, you will learn to see how he grows now after he harvested all of his girls. You will also learn about what he is planting in each “pot” to ensure he has the best grow next year – a Cover Crop designed for growing cannabis.

You will hear from Josh about the quality of the buds that TD grew and if it is sticky or not.

Next, you will discover what TD’s cannabis plant roots look like – they are gigantic and insane for single plants that more resemble roots off a tree!

Finally, you will see the harvest of one of his plants and how many pounds of dried flower one plant produced = 10 pounds! John will taste-test the dried flower and share his thoughts.

TD will also share his methods for drying and curing his flowers and shares more about the genetics and cultivars he will be growing this upcoming season.

After watching this episode, you will learn if TD plants made 10 pounds as originally promised and what your cannabis tree roots can look like if you use his organic system for growing the largest and most productive plants.

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