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In this episode, Nate travels to the Stiiizy facility in Los Angeles California to meet up with Sean and the rest of the Stiiizy team.

Join him as he learns about the Stiiizy story, the philosophy behind the brand, and most importantly how to #staystiiizy

From Propagation through packaging, Canna Cribs and Growers Network are thrilled to give you another inside look at the people, methods, equipment, and products the country’s top growers use to produce top-quality, legal cannabis.

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00:00 Opening
04:58 Propagation with Nursery Manager Michelle Rodriguez shows off Stiiizy strains, tissue culture, and Athena and Grodan. Check out that basket of noodles!
07:03 Quick Tip by TREEZ – Trimming Moms for an even canopy.
08:35 JJ Crossan, Athena Facility advisor, shows off their foam sprayer
10:12 Flower with Ryan Ly – Senior Director of cultivation, Ryan Ly shows off the flower room with appearances by Athena Pro Line, Common CultureTrellis, Grodan Cubes, and some Blue Burst.
13:36 – Analytics – Craig Smith, the eagle eye in the monitor rooms, shows how Stiiizy monitors their operation.
14:50 Fertigation with Sean Sullivan of Demeter Designs.
16:22 Post Harvest with VP Cultivation Business Ops Preston Hytinen. Preston shows off the post-harvest process and of course they are rocking Quest.
20:15 Processing with Rachel Apodaca. Rachel talks about Manufacturing, 6 Sigma, how Stiiizy became #1 by volume, edibles, concentrate, live rosin, blunts, and more!
22:31 Retail with Director of Retail Lena Song – Nate visits the Stiiizy flagship store and to check out their product and learn how Stiiizy manages 200 new customers every day.
26:13 Strain Review featuring Blue Burst
28:14 Closing
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