Does CBD Have Any Value as a Treatment? week we covered CBD and mental health, finding that data to backup health claims are scarce and consumer CBD products are often sketchy. In this week’s episode on CBD and other health ailments, we find that many of the same caveats apply. Related HCT episodes: CBD and Mental Health: Images and Footage Videoblocks/bafan4u [...]

Does CBD Have Any Value as a Treatment?2022-11-03T02:24:35+00:00

Does CBD Improve Mental Health? is so hot right now. The compound is being added to everything from gummies to lattes, attached to claims about how it can improve health in any number of ways. But what do we really know about the validity of those claims? And what are we actually getting in consumer CBD products? More HCT [...]

Does CBD Improve Mental Health?2022-07-12T02:38:17+00:00
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