On June 9, Thailand became the first country in Asia—and only the third in the world, after Canada and Uruguay—to decriminalize cannabis nationwide. The Thai government is pushing for marijuana to become the new cash crop but has insisted that it was not legalizing recreational pot use, However, people like Chokwan “Kitty” Chopaka, a longtime cannabis advocate, who runs a shop in central Bangkok selling cannabis buds and gummies, say the reality is different.

Thailand’s frenzied weed free-for-all has met growing pushback and the lack of clarity in current regulations leaves many businesses and growers unable to plan their next moves. It will also take time for Thai weed producers to become competitive in the global cannabis trade when it comes to quality and pricing.

Read more about the legalization of weed in Thailand: https://time.com/6208192/thailand-war-on-drugs-weed-legal/
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