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Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of the pain minute. So, today i have dr. rachna patel of the cbd oil solution. So she is an expert on cbd oil and cannabis. We’re going to talk to her and see if we can learn a little something from her today. So she is a cannabinoid medicine doctor.

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Learn how to identify quality CBD in Episode 1, Part 2 of The Pain Minute Podcast!

In today’s episode, Dr. Bathla and CBD expert, Dr. Rachna Patel discuss how the CBD and marijuana industry has evolved and what to look for when searching for high-grade CBD. In this episode, you will also learn the difference between hemp and marijuana.

A lot of people diagnosed with a lot of the conditions would be given. Here was a medication that was actually solving their problem. As a physician gratifying to see that, when you actually see a patient’s problem being solved. Not only that, but then to see these patients come off of a lot of these cocktails of medications that they were on was additionally satisfying to see as well.

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01:36 High In CBD
02:31 CBD can come from multiple sources
04:36 If I had good CBD
06:16 Isolate CBD products

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