Oral administration of cannabinoids (e.g., as edibles or oil capsules), while convenient and discrete, suffers from low bioavailability, delayed onset of action and poor reproducibility. These limitations are caused by cannabinoids’ hydrophobicity (incompatibility with water), which makes their gastrointestinal absorption inefficient and unpredictable. Pharmaceutical industry’s most successful method of overcoming similar challenges for a wide range of hydrophobic bio-actives is to formulate them as oil-in-water nanoemulsions. These formulations are kinetically stable, known to provide exceptional therapeutic effects, and allow the bio-actives to be absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly and completely. The same approach can now be applied to cannabinoids, making it possible to create translucent, water-compatible nanoemulsions of cannabis extracts, exhibiting higher potency and faster onset of action for lower doses. Since nanoemulsions are fully water-compatible and can be made translucent, they are easily mixed into water (or any other beverage) without compromising its optical clarity. Dr. Peshkovsky’s presentation demonstrates how to design and manufacture such formulations using scalable high-intensity ultrasonic processing, discusses absorption pathways of nano-emulsified cannabinoids from the small intestine into the bloodstream and shows ISM’s recent pre-clinical pharmacokinetic study results.

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